: Sixteenth international scientific-practical conference “Problems of botany of South Siberia and Mongolia”

The purpose of the conference is an attraction the scientific community to address the problems of botany of South Siberia, Mongolia and adjacent areas, the disclosure of actual results of botanical research, capacity of testing of their practical applications.

Within the scientific-practical conference the young scientist school "Flow cytometry and molecular phylogeny of plants" (5–8 June 2017), organized on the basis of Altai bioengineering laboratory together with the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine of the SB RAS, will be held.

As a result of the conference the collection of scientific works included in Russian Science Citation Index (РИНЦ, (elibrary.ru impact factor 0.074 in 2015) and in ELS ASU (elibrary.asu.ru) is published every year. We accept for publication the results of original scientific research in a volume up to 4 pages.


Common information:

  • Deadline of sending the questionnaire – till 15 January 2017;
  • Deadline of sending the publication – till 15 March 2017;
  • Conference format– intramural (on-site)/extramural;
  • Report forms – verbal and stands.
  • Location – city of Barnaul (the school of young scientists), touristic base in Altai mountains (the conference).
  • Working languages – Russian and English.
  • The information about a registration fee will be reported in the 2nd information letter.



Scientific directions of the conference


 “Molecular genetic methods in plant research and chemosystematics”. Current applied research of different taxonomic groups of plants based on the latest molecular genetic techniques, applied value in phylogenetic studies of plant objects.

“Systematics of separate taxa. Morphology and biology of the separate species”. Classification of different taxonomic groups of plants, the morphology of parts and biology of species development, descriptions of new species.

“Investigation of the vegetation of Russia. The flora of Altai, Southern Siberia, Mongolia and nearest territories. Geobotany and resource searching”. The current state of the flora of higher and lower plants, the vegetation of natural and urbanized territories, the history of the formation of floras of the regions of Russia and neighboring countries.

“The role of botanical gardens in searching and conservation of plant biodiversity. Plant protection”. Nature protection role of botanical gardens, collections of introduced species of wild nature and the results of their acclimatization, the value and contribution of botanical gardens in the study and organization of flora protection.

“Paleobotany. Plant ecology and phytoindication”. Findings of ancient plants, reconstruction of ancient floras based on modern methods of paleobotany, incl phytoliths; distribution of plant groups, taking into account ecological characteristics, influence of abiotic environmental factors on the growth and development of plants; the use of bio-indicators.


Persons who wish to participate in the work of the conference should send the questionnaire-application to organizing committee address (asiabot2017@mail.ru) or complete an online form at http://ssbg.asu.ru/pb_barnaul.php?pages=doc/formaAnketa.


The questionnaire

1. Surname, name, patronymic, year of birth.

2. Position, academic degree.

3. Name of organization, post address with zip.

4. Telephone with a code of city (work or personal), electronic mail.

5. The form of participation: verbal or stand report, or only publication.

6. The direction of the conference. Prospective theme of the report.

7. Prospective theme of the publication.


All questions about organization of the conference should be sent to executive secretary of the organizing committee – Kopytina Tatiana Mikhailovna (asiabot2017@mail.ru).




656049, Barnaul, Lenina street, 61

Altai State University

The South-Siberian botanical garden

Organizing committee of a conference

Ph.: 8 (3852) 36 86 39

The organizing committee will be grateful for circulating this letter to interested persons.