Обращение главного редактора журнала «Turczaninowia» к читателям


Dear friends and colleagues!

2019 began counting days! Last year, Turczaninowia journal crossed the 20-year frontier. During the existence history, the journal has been in demand both in Russia and far beyond the borders of our country, as evidenced by its indexing by the Scopus citation databases (quartile Q4) and RSCI Web of Science. Many of you are our regular authors and partners, some – have recently involved in the activities of the editorial board or have also become our authors.

We are glad to cooperate with all of you and thank the reviewers for their charitable help in the work, the authors for your publications! Thanks to joint efforts, the journal becomes better and gains fame more and more with each issue. We are grateful to all friends and colleagues who sent sincere congratulations on the New Year holidays and good wishes for the future. We wish you all prosperity, inexhaustible energy, new achievements in all professional and personal activities!

Editor in chief of the Turczaninowia journal, Dr., prof. A.I. Shmakov.